W2 Consulting supports clients of all sizes ranging from private entities, nonprofits and associations, to state and federal government organizations. Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients solve their most pressing needs.

About us

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  • W2 Consulting provides management consulting services with a client-focused and humanity-driven approach.This company was started to give people a better place to work while doing what they love.
    As a Veteran-, Woman-, and Minority-Owned SmallBusiness, we are committed to moving humanity forward by being change agents for our clients. Our primary motivation is to deliver high quality projects through the implementation of effective and efficient management techniques and strategies.

  • Our Vision is to become the employer of choice for our employees. To always treat each other with respect, kindness, and understanding while continuously building an organization of repute.

  • W2 Consulting Corporation is on a mission to provide efficient and effective project management, research and evaluation, strategic communications and branding, and training and technical assistance services to our clients. Our focus is steadfast on teamwork and collaboration to help achieve this goal. We believe that diversity is power. Our goal is to build a future workforce that champions racial and gender equity, values different backgrounds and celebrates unique perspectives. Our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion is how we address societal challenges and build a culture that is safe, respectful, fair and inclusive for all of our employees.

    To support W2 Consulting’s growth, we are continually looking for enthusiastic and committed individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to join our team. We believe that the diversity of our Consultants makes us a stronger company and better able to serve our customers. We also believe that creating an inclusive environment in which Consultants are engaged and empowered strengthens our business and fosters a culture where they are inspired to work hard, challenge themselves, and be innovative in their thinking.

    With this pledge and commitment, W2 Consulting will have a zero-tolerance policy for racial, gender, and/or cultural marginalization within the company and this will regularly be communicated across the entire organization.

Our team

Our mantra is Humble, Hungry, and Smart. These are not just words to us, they are an occupational lifestyle. They might be a life, lifestyle. Every team member is expected to possess these characteristics.

We have a diverse cohort of thinkers with various backgrounds including clinicians, researchers, evaluators, analysts, scientists, marketers, designers, administrators, and a host of other executives that are a part of the W2 Consulting family.

With respect, dignity, appreciation, selflessness, diversity and inclusivity, we can deliver some amazing results for our clients. This is not aspirational, this is mandatory and our team’s commitment.

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Our Team

What sets W2 Consulting apart from the competition?

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    We have a team of scientists, researchers, marketers, leaders, and thinkers from various backgrounds working together to accomplish amazing things for our clients.

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    Our process includes establishing agreed upon goals that are measurable and meaningful, tracking metrics and documenting milestones, and aligning outcomes with expectations to ensure we are helping our clients achieve their objectives.

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    We pride ourselves on performing exceptionally in everything we do. Every opportunity we engage means something to us, not just from an organizational standpoint, but as humans who are also consumers working to make difference. View Our Projects