W2 Consulting supports clients of all sizes ranging from private entities, nonprofits and associations, to state and federal government organizations. Here are just a few of the ways we help our clients solve their most pressing needs.

Strategic Marketing and Communications

Strategic Marketing and Communications

We institute core marketing strategies to develop effective, customer-centric products and services. W2 Consulting provides creative and data-driven marketing strategies that deliver the right message to the right audience to ensure maximum visibility and ensure program success. Our marketing and communications team consist of experts that specialize in medical and public health communications services for public agencies and the private sector. We assist in making complex information clear and comprehensible for our clients. In assessing the client’s needs, we develop and deliver quality strategies to help them achieve effective goal outcomes.

Our marketing and communication services bridge the gap between developing an engaging message and reaching target markets and audiences.

Our branding process is called ALIGNED. What is ALIGNED? ALIGNED is a seven-step holistic branding service offered by W2 Consulting Corporation. We take 360 degree branding to the next level by analyzing every touchpoint and basis of consumer engagements establishing a baseline of metrics and standardized performance across your entire organization. The seven steps include discovery, introspection, organization, design and build, execution, assessment, and alignment of all marketing pieces and messaging.

Services include

  • Campaign development and implementation
  • Materials and publications
  • Media planning and monitoring
  • Social media
  • Usability testing and audience research
  • Website content strategy, design, and development
  • Strategy development, implementation, management, and measurement
  • Media and public relations
  • Graphic, web, and multimedia design
  • Brand development

Marketing Consultant for American Nurses Association

We led the development of the Starnurses.com website. Our team was working as the program managers to oversee the layout, customer journey, content, and execution of the website.

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